Cooling Systems

Small Block V8 Fresh Water Cooling System

Don’t continue to harm your high performance marine engine. You CAN prevent the damaging effects of salt and brackish waters from eating away at your boat’s engine. Not only does Performance Product Technologies lead the industry with regards to marine closed cooling kits for standard engine products, but we also offer our own custom line of Performance Fresh Water Cooling systems for engines up to 1200 horsepower. Up until now the marine high performance industry has been forced to accept the less than desirable water crossover systems that do an extremely poor job at dissipating the entire heat load of the engine in a uniform manner, not to mention offering no corrosion protection capability. Our custom line of High Performance Fresh Water Cooling systems are designed with these issues at hand.

- Pressurized Recovery System
- 160 Degree Thermostat Operating Temperature
- C12200 Copper Construction
- High Capacity Tube Bundle
- Sealed “Knife-Edged” Dividers
- Oversized 1.25″ Bypass Circuit
- Full Flow Coolant Strategy
- Rotational Hose Connections – “Thermostat Housing”